Referring to the culture of people living in many different countries that makes out Europe, although different, they do have a few things in common.

It all starts with their love for food, as well as their traditional to Europe, but also different to countries abroad approach when it comes to dining and the preparation of food.

With their main focus being that they are unique from the rest of the world, countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and many more, create the food of artisans, yet paired with the following experiences, it’s not just the food that interests us, but rather a thrill.

A Different Type of Dining in Europe

Sky High?

Looking for a bit of adventure? Well, look no further than Belgium.

Believe it, or not, but you could hang in the sky while eating dinner with a bunch of friends and it’s completely safe. It’s also quite unique and when in Belgium, tourist flock to the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ restaurant to dine 150-feet in the air while being suspended by professionals. The tables can have a total of 22 guests, along with three staff members and can be in the air for up to 8 hours.


Afraid of heights anyone?

Dining in the Dark

Ever thought just why Europe is referred to as having some of the most romantic countries in the world?

See, it’s not just the food you’ll be falling in love with when you do visit Europe, but also the trend of having dinner by candlelight and in some cases, like one such in Germany, there is also a restaurant that lets all its customers dine in the dark.

As Germany’s first dark restaurant, Nocti Vagus is situated in the city of Berlin and was created to emphasize a rather illuminating experience. Due to the fact that without one sense, your other senses tend to get heightened, they wanted to create the ultimate experience when it comes to savouring the taste of their amazing dishes.

When in Europe, worth a try?

Dinner with an earthquake?

Okay, we don’t know what you’re thinking about that question but, what?

It is in fact true. Did you know that you could have a meal at a restaurant called ‘the Disaster Café’ in Spain? You can experience a 7.8 earthquake during your meal and are known to attract thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies.

Cooking over a volcano

Situated on Lanzarote, a Spanish island is a restaurant called El Diablo, which also means ‘The Devil’. The restaurant is quite the tourist attraction and is popular due to its unique way of cooking its meals which includes cooking meals over an active volcano whole. The volcano’s heat is generated deep from the earth’s core and allows for both the thrill of being on the top of a volcano, as well as the good ‘naturally cooked’ food.