Netherlands, an evergreen country located in northwestern Europe, also known as Holland. “Netherlands” means low-lying country. A parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch, the kingdom includes its former colonies in the Lesser Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and Sint Maarten. The capital is Amsterdam and the seat of government The Hague. Geography plays a significant role in the Netherlands’ landscapes. More than half the pancake-flat country is below sea level, and 20% gets reclaimed from the sea. The weather of the Netherlands is temperate, with gentle winters, cool summers, and rainfall in every season making it easier for its local people and the tourists. Southern and western breezes prevail, and the sea controls the climate through onshore winds and the effect of the Gulf Stream which makes tourist very happy.


Amsterdam, Holland’s principal commercial city, stands with a stunning setting around a 17th-century ring of canals along with some of the world’s best art and culture. People also try to look for beautiful hotels or guesthouses that gift them an amazing scenery right from their balcony of their room. Thus their guesthouses are quite on demand during all seasons. Let’s take a look at their fantastic hotels so that you can already start planning a trip there with your loved ones.


The Seven One Seven Hotel is one of Netherlands brilliantly historic canal-side address with beautiful and unique interiors in each of the bedrooms and every amenity perfect for honeymoons. The Hotel Toren, a lavishly designed boutique hotel offers fantastic rooms with canal views, and the choice to order Michelin excelled room service. One more beautiful guest house for couples is Misc a six room hotel that has excellent lodgings by canal sides and a small cocktail bar by the cultural and fashion regions.


The Blue Sheep B&B is a gorgeous family guesthouse in central Amsterdam with lovely exposed structure and woody rays. The Ambassade Hotel is a contemporary, mid-sized guest house converted from a charming 17th Century building right on the canal and the rooms are large and individually adorned with modern design and traditional antiques. Or you can check out the Hotel Wiechmann, a modest family run hotel in the midpoint of Amsterdam


The Sandton Hotel Filosoof is a fashionably designed guest house, converted from two 19th Century townhouses in the old city epicenter with lovely living areas and loads of traditional charm. The Hotel Estheréa is also ideally situated right by Amsterdam’s oldest canal which is a delightful 17th Century boutique guesthouse with extravagant adornment and great views.

Netherlands evergreen beautiful nature and aura makes it one of the most famous tourist spots in Europe. People fall in love with their streets, charming cafes, and local Dutch people and of course CHEESE! Take a break, visit Netherlands, its beautiful guesthouses will make your vacation worth it. Indulge yourself in all the natural and material beauty Netherlands has to offer to you and create a memorable holiday.