The Netherlands is a small and peaceful Country in the Continent of Europe sharing its borders with Germany and Belgium. Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is known as the “Venice of the North”. The Netherlands is famous for tulips, clogs, Dutch cheese and windmills. Most of the tourists visit the Netherlands to visit Amsterdam. During the springtime, the blooming tulips make the place look spectacular! The flower gardens in the Netherlands is a must visit tourist attraction. More than 80% of the flower bulb from across the world comes from the Netherlands. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you visit the Netherlands.

Best time is springtime!

More than 80% of the flower bulbs come from the Netherlands. The land is filled with clogs and fresh tulips. Springtime, from May to September, is the best time to visit the Netherlands.


The normal rates for one night’s accommodation cost about 15- 30 Euros. The most famous hotels in the Amsterdam can cost about 45 Euros. If you want facilities like a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi, then get ready to spend 50- 60 Euros. If you are a single male solo traveler shared rooms is an option which costs 15 EUR per night.


The Netherlands as such is not famous for food. But, some delicacies should be tried. Poffertjes (Pancakes served with powdered sugar) is a must try. The Netherlands is famous for Dutch cheese Gouda. If you go on a budget trip, try out the meals which would just cost around 15-25 EUR. If you wish to stay over and cook, spend on pasta, chicken, vegetables etc. Your budget would not exceed more than 50 EUR.


Always travel by the inter-City trains. They not only make your travel easy, but you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the towns also. They are cheap, costing just 12 – 30 EUR. 40-minute travel from one city to the cost expenses a maximum of 26 EUR. Since the city is flat, renting bicycles can be an excellent option! The rent for hiring a bike a day is just 10 EUR.  Buses are cheap too, 3 EUR being the starting prize. If you are a foreigner visiting the Netherlands, try to avoid taxi at any cost. Taxis are expensive in the Netherlands.



Netherland is famous for museums and churches. An entry pass to any church is free. Whereas to a Museum, the entry costs are about 20 EUR. It is best to take a Museum pass of 60 EUR. The pass is valid for visiting any Museums in the City for one month. Check out the local city boards and attend a festival for free! This helps you understand their culture better.