Thinking about travelling to Europe for the first time? Perhaps you’ve already planned your trip, or you’ve even arrived in one of the many beautiful cities of Europe. Whatever the case might be, we would like to inform you that an amazing adventure awaits and one that, whether you plan your trip right or wrong, you’re in for an adventure nonetheless.

The one thing that might throw you off, is travelling alone. There is a lot of factors to consider and they include knowing how to get around, as well as being safe while doing so. These factors could always be looked at as either negative or positive. Being overwhelmed will not be helpful on such a trip but remaining positive about everything you’re going to have to plan and do independently, that is a gem of an adventure itself. So, what are we waiting for? Food, culture, exquisite views and landscapes, as well as a lot of new foreign friends,  awaits you.

Top Travelling Tips for Newbies

Avoid the Restaurants that Include Photos on their Menus

Now, perhaps you thought that there doesn’t exist such a thing as a bad restaurant in Europe? Not only that, although they are few and far between, some restaurants believe that adding photos to their menu will make travellers choose some of the most expensive dishes on the menu. Another thing to avoid is to only visit restaurants that are close to tourist attractions. The restaurant owners know that is where the most travellers are and increase their prices significantly for that mere reason alone. Oh, and if a basket of bread or bottle of water makes it to your table, be wary that you’ll have to pay for that too.


Join an Alternative Tour

Enjoy going on tours in other cities? Be sure to tour through the cities in Europe. Sometimes, however, it might be best to skip traditional tours as they might be too focused on tourists. Rather choose an alternative tour and have locals take you around their city. This is far more interesting and sometimes, will save you a lot of money too.

Skipping the Line

Avoid standing in the line to buy a ticket at all cost. Doing this takes an incredible amount of time and it’s an important lesson to rather book tickets online. While some tickets are not sold online, another tip to remember is, if you’re a student, also be sure to bring your student card or ID to apply for a discount.

Focus on Seeing Eastern Europe

Whenever tourists plan their trips to Europe, they often choose the same cities in each country. Cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Greece, Berlin and Rome are obvious cities to visit when travelling. Why not be a jack out of a box and choose to visit Prague, Budapest or Bologna? We’re sure you haven’t seen any of those in the travel guides but boy are they worth seeing! Think out of the box.