Often referred to as the land of clogs, flowers and famously known for its Windmills, Netherland is a country that’s often referred to as Holland. Ever thought why some calls it Holland and why most who are truly Dutch hate it?

Just how well do you know Netherland and the Dutch culture and what should you know and be aware of before visiting this beautiful country?

Discovering more about Netherland

Netherland is referred to as the healthiest country in the world

Well, wouldn’t every country in the world like to make such a statement… In reality, this is true. The people that live in Netherland ranked as the healthiest people in the world and thus the healthiest country to live in too. Shockingly beating both France and Switzerland, the country is known for having healthy, affordable and some of the most nutritious food in the world.

Dutch people are not only from Europe and Holland

First of all, Holland is an area situated in the Netherlands which today, is made up of different provinces that include North Holland and South Holland. It is the area that had the most impact during the growth of the Dutch’s wealth and economy. This is the reason most people refer to the country as Holland. Along with three Caribbean islands that fall under Netherland, these islands citizens are also referred to as Dutch and are allowed to vote in their EU elections.

Dutchmen are considered the tallest in the world

Reaching an average height of 182.5 cm, Dutchmen are known as the tallest men in the world. This also means they are a brilliant asset to the Fashion industry. Not to forget about the women, that ranks as the second tallest of all women the word with an average height of 1.69 cm. Over the past few decades, some Dutchmen have even grown up to 200 cm, which is pretty much the size of a giant if you ask us.


The country with the highest level of English-proficiency on the globe

Beating both Sweden and Denmark, 9 out of 10 Dutch people speaks English as a second language. This means that 94% of those who live in Netherland thus speaks two languages. This statistic is above average as the EU in general only reaches 54%.

The Netherlands is considered to be the lowest country in Europe

Sometimes referred to as ‘the low country’, 26% of Netherland is situated below sea level. To make this fact even more interesting, around 60% of its residents live 5% below sea level. Its highest point is only 322 metres above sea level. Pretty cool fact if you think about it. The Dutch might as well be considered mermaids on land.