Check out our list of interesting facts about Netherlands


  1. Did you know that the country’s national anthem is the oldest in the world; it is said to have been conceptualised since the early 16th century.
  2. Netherlands ranks as the healthiest country in the world in terms of diet and nutrition levels. The Oxfam report comes out with a list every year; Netherlands usually finishes in one of the top 3 spots.
  3. Gay marriages have always been a topic of bother for countries across the world. But Netherlands is one of the most progressive countries in the world and they had legalised Gay marriages as early as 2001. The country has always stood for the right things and this just another example of such an instance.
  4. Dutch women are known for their height, but surprisingly the women, only rank as the second tallest in the world. Dutch women have an average height of 1.69 cm. Credit though is not given to Dutch men; Dutch men rank as the tallest men in the world with an average height of 182.5 cm. For centuries Dutch men have been much shorter than other European men, but with onset of societal equality and improved nutrition levels things have drastically changed. The average height of American man increased by 6 cm over the last 200 years while the average height of the Dutch men increased by 20 cm in the same time period. That level of change is unheard of within the genetic world. The reason that is being thrown around by experts is that their DNA was greatly affected by environment as well as dietary reasons.
  5. The windmills that are found in Netherlands are still a modern day marvel. The windmills were setup in 1850 and they were built for a multitude of reasons. There are about 1000 that are still standing to this day and some of the areas where the windmills stand are protected by the government. The popular area Kinderdijk has about 19 functioning windmills and is a UNESCO World Heritage site; these windmills have stood the test of time for more than a century.
  6. Netherlands may not look the part, but it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, let alone Europe. In Europe, Netherlands ranks as the most densely populate country with an estimated 17 million people living in 41,500 square kilometres of land. That roughly translates to about 500 people per square kilometre. In addition to the number of people, Netherlands is among the few countries that have a 1:1 ratio of cycles to people; thus making it look a lot more populated than it actually is.