The Netherlands is a beautiful country to go. It has great weather and amazing people. The country is a flat one, and for that, you can easily go around anywhere without much hesitation. The Netherlands offers a broad range of stuff, and for that reason, it is ideal for anyone to move there. If you want to migrate there, then you better keep your jobs and papers figured out. It is quite important to do so if you want to start making a living in the Netherlands.


The first thing to do:

You need to get a passport if you do not have one. If you do, then you need to take a visa. If you are from the EU, then you might not require one but if not then get a visa for yourself to travel to the Netherlands. You need to take C-visa for periodical stays in the Netherlands. This kind of visa is pretty helpful for you can stay there for 90 days within half a year period. But for you to remain in Netherlands for more than three months then you need to take a long-term visa; This will allow you to stay there for more than three months and hence it will be easier for you to get the residence. Before you go to the Netherlands, you better get yourself vaccinated and also have a medical checkup; This is necessary as it gets asked by the embassies at times.

Register in Town Hall:

Once you go there, you need to register yourself in the town hall. You need to bring all the documents if you’re in the English, Dutch, German or French. There are the languages they accept. You need to take your valid passport, a residence permit, contact of your rentals, a copy of your birth certificate and if you have or had a spouse, then you need to bring that certificate as well. Before getting yourself registered, you need to find a place that gives out rental contacts. Many people would not like you to go this because they need to pay extra tax for that reason. When you finish up, you call the town hall and take an appointment; This will help you to get your time efficiently utilized.

Learn their Language:

You also need to learn their language. Though the majority of the people use English, it is better to learn their language which will help you to know more about the people and will help you to fit in with ease. After this, you need to find a job. You getting a job will make you accustomed to their lifestyle. Try to make friends over there. You need to know more people to get accustomed to their culture as well. It is quite hard to cope with their culture at first, and that is why making friends is very important.

After your five years of stay, apply for citizenship; This might take a year to get it done by the end of the 5th year. You need to prove to them that you are fluent in Dutch. So learn the language well.